Company History

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SELEE Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer of ceramic foam.  SELEE pioneered ceramic foam technology in the mid-1970s and has successfully developed a reputation for quality, service, innovation and technical leadership.

The foundation of SELEE was the development of this unique continuous open ceramic foam structure for use as a filter medium.  As a result of this development, SELEE received the Industrial Research and Development I·R 100 Award in 1978 for “one of the most significant new technical innovations of the year.”

Built China Manufacturing Facility

In 2009, recognizing the importance of the China metals casting industry, SELEE formed Porvair SELEE Filtration Technology (Hubei) Co., Ltd.  The new facility was designed to build filters for the iron foundry industry, and after four years of continuous improvement in productivity and sales, a new larger facility has been built to produce product for both the iron foundry and aluminum cast house markets.  

SELEE as Industry Value Leader

SELEE is the industry value leader, having substantially invested, and continuing to invest in highly efficient, automated manufacturing equipment.  SELEE employs the combined competitive advantages of technological leadership and superior product quality. 

SELEE is recognized as both the commercial and technical leader in the ceramic foam industry.  SELEE's consistent growth has been propelled by its corporate philosophy of continuous improvement, which demands “an obsessive commitment to customers that is paramount in all considerations.”