Innovative technology can only survive if it maintains and consistently provides products at the highest quality possible. SELEE® goes beyond conventional standards to ensure their customers receive not only high quality but environmentally safer products for the industry.

SELEE® pioneered the use of ceramic foam in metal filtration technology.   As a result of this commitment to innovation, SELEE® remains consistently at the forefront of the latest developments in filtration, melt treatment and transfer processes for molten metals of all types.

In China, SELEE’s high quality products are manufactured in Xiaogon, with administrative offices in Wuhan.

We are very proud of our long term commitment to customer service, product quality, leading edge innovation, and technical support for our valued customers. 

SELEE China is part of the Porvair Filtration Group which provides World Class Filtration Solutions around the globe.

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Exceptional Filtration Products

SELEE® is a technical ceramics company specializing in the design and manufacture of porous technical ceramics and metal foams for a wide range of demanding industrial applications. We are the world leader in melt filtration technology.

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Providing Service and Support

Our company leverages the application knowledge built by our world class engineers and researchers over the past three decades, and utilizes our world-wide network of independent experts and consultants. 

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Meet Our World Class Team

We strive for expertise not only in what we do, but first and foremost in what our customers do. That's why our Customer Technical Support staff includes Masters and PhD level Metallurgical and Materials Engineers.


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Aluminum Cast House

SELEE® Corporation invented the concept of using ceramic foam as a filter media for molten aluminum. 

We are at the forefront of developments in the aluminum filtration, melt treatment and molten metal transfer processes.

SELEE® Corporation offers a complete line of products for this market. 

These products are manufactured in China.

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SELEE® products for metal filtration in foundries are as varied as the metals for which they are designed.

Compositions range from silicon carbide and alumino-silicate for iron and aluminum filtration to high-purity zirconia for steel.

These products are manufactured in China.

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Investment Casting

SELEE® offers the knowledge and expertise of metal processing needed to provide optimal solutions for the unique filtration challenges of the Investment Casting industry.

SELEE® Advanced Ceramics™division provides the best value in standard and custom-designed ceramic shapes for molten metal handling in the investment cast house. 

These products are imported from the United States.

Introducing SELEE® Corporation

A brief introduction to SELEE® Corporation - The Pioneer and World Leader in Melt Filtration Technology.

Key End Markets

At SELEE®, we are proud to be integral partners in the production of some of the most advanced technological metal applications in the world.   Our customers rely on SELEE® to help them produce the world's finest engine blocks, turbine blades, aluminum cans, and a host of other essential products for the global metals market.

Where We Live and Work

Since 2009, SELEE® Corporation has been proud to call Wuhan its home office in China.  Wuhan is a unique city in China with a rich cultural heritage.  Located at the confluence of the Yangtze and Han Rivers, Wuhan is the Chinese hub for transportation in China.  SELEE® China’s manufacturing facility is located in Xiaogan, just 74 kilometers northwest of Wuhan.

SELEE® has been operating in Hendersonville, North Carolina, USA.  Just 20 minutes south of Asheville, NC, the region is consistently rated as one of the best places to live in the United States and boasts some of the finest outdoor recreational activities anywhere in the country.  

SELEE® Factory in Xiaogan, China. Headquarters and Commercial Offices in Wuhan.

SELEE® Factory in Xiaogan, China. Headquarters and Commercial Offices in Wuhan.

SELEE® World Headquarters in Hendersonville, NC USA

SELEE® World Headquarters in Hendersonville, NC USA


SELEE® Company Spring Festival Dinner